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What's Good for the Goose -Carrie Roark

Published January 10th, 2018 by Unknown

Have you ever watched a goose walk? It’s not exactly graceful. In fact, it’s kind of awkward. It’s like, lean right...lean don’t tip over. Their gate is slow and painstaking. But do you imagine one goose ever leaned over to another goose and said, “I hate how I walk. It’s so embarrassing!”? Do you think it gives them a complex and low self-esteem?  I seriously doubt it.

Geese don’t worry about how they walk because it isn’t what they do best. Geese were made to swim. Now that is a thing of beauty. Their bodies glide gently on the water leaving behind a soft wake of ripples. Gone are the awkward movements. They slip and slide with effortless momentum. Watching them swim fills me with peace.

But even that is not what they do best. Geese were made for the air. They spread their wide wings and soar into the blue sky. They rise and glide. Their graceful necks stretch out in front of them taking them anywhere they want to go. They ride currents closer to heaven and clear obstacles with ease. And when they fly in formation with others, their work is even more efficient and effective.

Geese aren’t swell at walking, but who cares. It is not what they do best. I need to learn the lesson of the goose. I’m not great at everything. I struggle with self-discipline. I’m not great at saving money. I'm pathetic at holding my temper at times. I can do those things, but it’s not pretty to watch. I’m awkward and struggle to stay upright. I need to learn the lesson of the goose and not let that define me or shame me.

You should watch me write. Now that is where I shine. Or better yet, I shine at the front of the room when the holy spirit gives me words of wisdom to teach and inspire. I absolutely glow when I’m across the table at a coffee shop listening to my friend share her fears and troubles. The holy spirit reaches through my words into her heart for guidance and comfort.

But even those things are not what I do best. I was ultimately created to love God. That is when I am at my most beautiful. I spread my spiritual wings and soar with my neck stretched out leading me into the presence of God. I soar ever closer to heaven and clear every obstacle.

Why waste my time judging myself for the things I waddle at when I can soar and shine at other things? I suspect I will find the most joy when I pursue those things and seek to perfect them. 

Carrie Roark

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