Our Faith-Based Counseling & Coaching Services

Roark Kerr & Associates offers a range of Christian counseling services and faith-based coaching in Lubbock, TX and the surrounding areas. Our experienced professionals provide guidance to help you overcome obstacles and achieve personal growth. We understand everyone faces unique challenges, which is why our sessions are tailored to your specific needs. Let us support you on your journey towards fulfillment – we're here for you every step of the way!

Tele Therapy


Receive professional and caring Christian counseling services remotely through our faith-based teletherapy service. Receive impactful therapy from the comfort of your home.

Hypno Therapy


Experience profound personal growth through our faith-based hypnotherapy. This approach combines hypnosis with biblical principles for lasting transformation.

Counseling and Coaching

Counseling & Coaching

Our Christian counseling provides a safe space to explore thoughts and emotions, while our faith-based coaching helps unlock your potential and achieve goals.

Intensive Therapy

Intensive Therapy

Our faith-based intensive therapy services in Lubbock are a focused and immersive experience to help overcome addictions, compulsive behaviors, and ingrained patterns.

About Roark Kerr & Associates

At Roark Kerr & Associates Christian Counseling & Coaching in Lubbock, TX, our mission is to help individuals discover their true potential and become the best version of themselves. We are dedicated to facilitating positive change and personal development through our faith-based therapy and Christian coaching services.

Our team of Christian counselors and coaches provide a safe and supportive environment where you can openly explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We believe that personal growth is a journey, and we are here to guide you every step of the way with our Christian counseling services.

Through our faith-based approach, we help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and cultivate a stronger connection with your spiritual beliefs. Whether you are seeking emotional counseling, success coaching, mentoring, team building, or a keynote speaker, we are ready to inspire you to grow!

Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual or organization. We offer a range of counseling and coaching services, including individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, life coaching, and corporate training. We are committed to providing personalized attention and creating a customized plan to help you achieve your goals.

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Meet Our Christian Counseling & Coaching Team

Our dedicated team of Christian counselors and coaches in Lubbock is here to provide you with personalized, faith-based therapy and understanding. With diverse backgrounds and specialized training in a variety of counseling services, our counselors and coaches offer a variety of therapeutic approaches tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you're seeking support in managing stress, navigating life transitions, improving relationships, or coping with mental health challenges, our experienced and empathetic Christian counselors and coaches are committed to helping you find clarity, resilience, and healing through Christian counseling and coaching services. Take the first step towards a brighter future with our counselors and coaches walking alongside you on your faith-based journey.

  • Bradley Roark

    As a Christian counselor in Lubbock, TX, I offer a warm and friendly approach to help you navigate your emotions and challenging thought patterns. With over thirty years of experience in pastoral and faith based therapy, I provide a laid-back and empathetic counseling style, using gentle guidance and practical instruction to redirect problematic thinking patterns.

    I believe in building a collaborative partnership with my clients, whether working with individuals or teams, to overcome obstacles and unlock their true potential through biblical counseling in Lubbock, Texas. I am dedicated to empowering you to transform your mindset, relationships, and overall life through various techniques such as intensive sessions, hypnotherapy, or traditional methods, tailored to meet your unique needs.

    Additionally, I am a Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach with the John Maxwell Team, and have received training in both EMDR and Hypnotherapy, further enhancing my ability to provide comprehensive and effective counseling services in Lubbock, TX.

  • Sara Kerr

    I am thrilled to call Lubbock, Texas my hometown, I currently reside in Wolfforth with my amazing husband and three adorable children. With an Associate's Degree in Human Sciences and my ongoing pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree, I am dedicated to expanding my knowledge and expertise. In 2020, I proudly became a certified life coach, building upon my decade-long experience as a coordinator at Texas Tech University. My genuine compassion, approachable nature, and down-to-earth personality make it easy for clients from all walks walks of life to connect with me. I am truly passionate about marriage and family therapy, as my own personal journey has deeply influenced me in this area. I am particularly driven to helping clients discover their true identity and set meaningful goals. Whether we meet once or multiple times, my ultimate goal is to leave clients with a renewed sense of positivity. I want them to feel truly seen, encouraged, loved, inspired, and empowered. When I personally experienced the transformative power of faith-based therapy during my own challenges, I knew that it was my calling to make a difference in people's lives. My deepest desire is to help individuals realize their full potential and view life from a fresh perspective. Through offering encouragement, hope, love, compassion, empathy, and biblical counseling, I aim to walk alongside clients in their struggles, reminding them that they are never alone. I firmly believe that the risk of loving and being loved is always worth taking. 

  • Sydney Seal

    As a Christian counselor in Lubbock, TX, I, Sydney Seal, have embraced my role as a dedicated single mother and used life's obstacles to shape my identity and purpose. Guided by unwavering faith, my goal is to radiate grace and inspire those around me. As a Certified Life Coach, I'm driven by a deep passion for assisting others through faith-based therapy and biblical counseling. Under the mentorship of our Clinical Director, Bradley Roark, I've honed my skills and now devote myself full-time to this calling.

    Blessed with natural empathy and wisdom, I approach my work with a friendly and spirit-led approach. My heartfelt prayer is to walk alongside you, offering support in whatever challenges you face through Christian counseling and biblical guidance. Since childhood, I've known that my purpose in life is to uplift and empower others to become the best versions of themselves. Through divine intervention, I've been granted the incredible opportunity to accompany you on your journey, no matter the struggles you encounter.

    As a faith-based therapist in Lubbock, I provide biblical counseling services tailored to your unique needs. Please know that you are seen, heard, and deserving of all the good that life has to offer. Contact me today to schedule a session and embark on a transformative journey of healing and personal growth.

  • Liberty Dictson

    Our family has lived in West Texas for over a decade, and we are delighted to call Lubbock our home. Like so many women, I juggle many roles: wife, mom of four boys, and lover of Jesus. I have a degree in Human Services with a minor in Marriage & Family Counseling. I am a Christian Therapist certified in Christian Life Coaching, specializing in Family & Marriage Coaching, Children & Teens, Mediation, PTSD, Trauma, Anxiety, Inner Healing, and supporting those with loved ones battling addiction. Additionally, I am a Biblically-Based EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner.

    Throughout the years I have worked with many people including parents and children, teenagers, married couples, sex traffic victims, homeless families, and parents who are estranged from their children. I also have walked through my own journey of healing from childhood trauma and having loved ones who struggled with addiction. I have a Spirit-led, compassion-based approach to therapy, offering hope, getting to the root of issues, and helping people replace negative thoughts with life-giving truths. I desire to help people step into freedom from everything holding them back and living the life God created them to live.

    I believe that God has not finished writing your story. I would be honored to partner with you (and God) to help write the next chapter…one overflowing with healing and His goodness and grace.


What Our Clients Say About Us

  • The Hypnosis session with Bradley was enjoyable, reassuring and calming. He prepared me for success by reassuring me about the efficiency and the ease of hypnotherapy and the positive outcome of the treatment. His kind attention and sincere interest put me at ease and made me feel very relaxed. I felt thoroughly supported and safely led through the hypnosis. Bradley helped me realize and then change some old childhood beliefs in a gentle and secure way. Both his voice and manner radiate care, peace and professionalism. The deep and flowing conversation between us made the 2-hour-long session seem much shorter, and I felt light and blissful in the end. I also absolutely loved the transformational recording Bradley created for me to listen to for the following 30 days after the session. His personalized thoughts were as powerful and elevating as they were soothing and calming for me. I feel a lot more grounded, flexible, and balanced in my daily life since our session, and I definitely exercise a lot more love and appreciation towards myself.

    I can recommend Bradley as your future therapist with the highest acclaim: he has a warm, friendly, and nurturing air about him, with a laser focus on the answers he needs from you to bring you the success you wish for. His empathy, consciousness and deep commitment to solving your issue will guarantee the best possible outcome.

    Eniko Bihari

  • From time to time I find that life throws me a curve ball. When that happens, Bradley Roark's number is the first one I call to set ...

    Diane R

  • Insightful, compassionate, non-judgmental, and caring. Those are just a few of the qualities that make Bradley Roark an exceptional professional counselor. He's the kind of solution that ...

    Andy W



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