The best counselor in town! Not only does he help you realize your own potential and the best version of yourself, but he supports you and walks with you all the way through it. You can see God through every word spoken and you never doubt the love and respect you are receiving from him.”

Sara Kerr

Our customers love what we do

My husband and I were having extreme problems communicating and being on the same page. I felt alone and he felt nagged. My husband reached out and found Sara Kerr. Let me first tell you she is amazing. She helped us go from a place of betrayal and ultimate separation to a journey of healing. Sara is so in touch with family, marriage, kids and honestly, just being human. She is so easy to talk to. My husband opened up to her. He doesn't even open up to me. She not only has strengthened our marriage, but has help me see myself as not a victim, but a powerful woman who has found her voice. Thank You Sara! You have not only saved a marriage, but a lost soul as well!!!! People would be so blessed to hear from someone so down to earth yet heartfelt!

Kathy Guerrero

This is is a great place to start to heal and grow in awareness. I have been meeting with Sara for over a year and she has a special way of dealing with emotional issues with a Christian approach. She truly cares about me and she allows the Holy Spirit to use her to help others. Her compassion in my situation has helped me so much to understand and take a new approach to my life.

J L Crisman

Sara is truly amazing at what she does. she has helped me tremendously in my relationship and with myself. I could not thank her enough for helping me get through some hard times and giving me the best coping skills. she is the best!!

Isabel Davila

Bradley is one of the best! He is the only counselor I have truly connected with. I know I always have someone to turn to and he will always have my back. If you are looking for someone to talk to Bradley is your person. He saved my life at a time when I wanted my life to end!

Tammy Garrett

Sarah is amazing! I wish I could put her in my pocket and keep her with me 24/7. Every time I leave her office I feel refreshed, confident, and understood. I have never felt more comfortable or more cared for by a counselor.

Andrea Sills

Brad is an amazing counselor who truly cares about his clients, their lives, and their futures. He has helped some precious people see life worth living, helped someone dear to me dig into a messy past to find his self-worth, checked in often on a dear friend in her darkest hours, and has time after time brought me a sense of peace about the circumstances around me in this life. Non- judgemental, heartfelt acceptance with someone who wants you to know your value and have come to the right place!

Gin Johnson

Simply the best!! I can not thank Bradley enough.

Jason Atcheson

Insightful, compassionate, non-judgmental, and caring. Those are just a few of the qualities that make Bradley Roark an exceptional professional counselor. He's the kind of solution that makes you grateful, if not glad, you had the problem in the first place.

Andy Wood

Bradley has helped me through some very dark times, and truth be told he saved my life. He helped learn to bet on myself to be successful!

Caleb Schumacher

Bradley is great! He has helped me start seeing the value in myself again.

Crystal Duncan

I really appreciate Bradley.

Hannah Incarnato