From time to time I find that life throws me a curve ball.  When that happens, Bradley Roark's number is the first one I call to set up an appointment.  He has given me sound teaching, motivation, and Godly instruction during those times.  I do thank the Lord for this man and his sincere desire to help others.

Insightful, compassionate, non-judgmental, and caring. Those are just a few of the qualities that make Bradley Roark an exceptional professional counselor.  He's the kind of solution that makes you grateful, if not glad, you had the problem in the first place.

Brad is an amazing counselor who truly cares about his clients, their lives, and their futures. He has helped some precious people see life worth living, helped someone dear to me dig into a messy past to find his self-worth, checked in often on a dear friend in her darkest hours, and has time after time brought me a sense of peace about the circumstances around me in this life. Non- judgemental, heartfelt acceptance with someone who wants you to know your value and worth...you have come to the right place!

I've never had someone guide me through life like Bradley has! I am truly blessed by Roark Christian Counseling!

Roark Christian Counseling is by far the best counseling team you could ask for! They have opened my eyes to all kinds of possibilities for my life. The perspective given in each session is invaluable to your day to day living. With the backing of scripture and biblical knowledge there should be no question as to who you should see when things in life are dark!

Bradley is not only my counselor and mentor, but also my friend. He has  shown me how to value myself, my marriage and my family in ways I should  have all along. He goes above and beyond to bring himself to where I am  and his tools have become the conscience in my head during difficult  times. Christ shines through him and his passion for helping others and I  could not imagine a better coach and counselor to help heal my family  from the past and build a better future together. After all, we bring  about what we think about and the sky is the limit thanks to his belief  in us that helped us see our own worth. Truly a God send that has saved  my marriage and family.

Bradley Roark is just as real in session as he is in everyday life. His calm, easy going manor made me feel so comfortable and safe. Bradley is relatable and genuine.

Awesome counseling and mentorship! I thank God for Roark Christian Counseling. THANKS Bradley , You're the best!

Bradley is amazing! He supports and encourages you when you need it. He speaks the truth with great love. He pushes you to bring out the best you. I cannot speak highly enough about him. He draws on the Holy Spirit for his counseling, which is why I believe, with all the above things, he IS the best counselor in town.