General (4)

Do You Take My Insurance?

The short answer is NO. Let me explain, I do not have the staff to file insurance claims. I do this to keep costs down and to make Quality Christian Counseling affordable. I will work with you to make sure you can afford the care you deserve. If you have questions, give me a call at (806) 283-8586.

How Much is It Going to Cost?

That is a complicated question. There are several factors to be considered. My standard rate is $125/session. The length of therapy is also a factor to consider. However, please don’t let cost be the only factor when you are looking for therapy. My advice is to find someone you truly believe can help you in your healing process. Consider trying me out for a session if you are unsure…I think you will like me. It is not uncommon for your church to have resources to help pay for some counseling.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Each session lasts 50 minutes. The number of sessions really depends on the severity of the issue(s) and how willing you are to make a change in habits and behaviors. Your treatment could range from 2 or 3 sessions to years of treatment. I think it would be reasonable to expect somewhere between 4 and 8 sessions at least, but that is just a guess based on averages. Although, I will say that many clients end their therapy too soon, we will work together to determine when you are ready to move on.

What Can I Expect in a Session With You?

I think you will find I am really laid back and easy to talk to. I will listen to you and challenge you to think and behave differently. I take your issue(s) seriously and will encourage you as well. I may be blunt and to-the-point when needed. I use humor and have been known to write on my white board when teaching new tools. I use imagery and analogies when explaining concepts. In our session, you can expect us to work together to find real solutions to real problems. One more thing, I dress casually, usually jeans and sneakers, so don’t expect a tie or a sports coat.