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Say It Ain't So! -Carrie Roark

Published October 21st, 2017 by Unknown

Every year, our church puts on a cute Christmas program. So, 3 years ago when Asher was 4, we were at the service. Now, he wasn't used to being in the "big" service since he was usually with the kids. But this was a family event, so we were all in it together. Being the prepared mom that I am...I had things for him to draw, snacks to eat, and even a drink in a spill proof lid. After his snacks were gone, he asked if he could have some gum. Now, I taught my kids that if they were going to chew gum, they had to wrap it in paper when they were done with it. And they were both quite good at following that rule! 

Well, I was into the was at a funny part. Asher was tapping me on the arm and whispering, "Mommy, my gum." I gave a tilt of the head in his direction and said, "Just a minute, I'll get you something to wrap it up in."..."Mommy, my gum!"...."Hold on! I'll get you some paper!"... "Mommy, my gum!!!"

So, I turned and whisper/ know how that goes..."I said, just a minute. I've got some paper right here!" Then I noticed he was sitting on the side of his seat and looking toward the bottom of the chair. "Mommy, my gum went down there!" He pointed in the crack between the back of the chair and the seat. I thought, "Oh no! my son dropped gum on the church's carpet!...this can't be good."  

So I look down...but all I see is a lady's purse....Then I see it!...his gum is not on the's worse!'s in that woman's purse! Ummm, oh my! I turn my head enough to see if maybe it is someone that I know...Nope!...Oh my! This is getting worse by the minute. So, I'm trouble-shooting here. "How can I get that gum without her knowing?" Most women would be completely grossed out by this. I try to fit my hand between the parts of the chair...Doesn't fit!...The thought is dawning on me that I'm going to have to tell this woman that my son has dropped his gum into her purse! I stopped and took a moment to decide what would be best.... What would be better? For me to slip my hand into a stranger's purse or tell her a piece of chewed gum is in there?! I guess you could say I was practicing the Law of Reflection.

Finally, I decided what to do, and I turned to her and said, "I'm sorry to tell you, but my son dropped his gum in your purse." She looked a bit surprised and looked down and saw it. Luckily, she laughed. I said, "If you hand me your purse, I'll get it for you." She wasn't phased by it and simply said not to worry about and she'd get it.  Wow, that could have totally gone another way! Even though it is a funny story, it is a good example of the benefit of pausing to reflect before taking action. Have you ever made a decision on impulse and then wished you could turn back the clock and get another chance to think it through? As John Maxwell says in the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, "A minute of thought is worth more than an hour of talk." 

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