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Let Go and Let God! - Sara Kerr

Published November 8th, 2019 by Unknown

How many of you have heard the phrase “Let Go and Let God”? I know I grew up hearing it all the time when my mom would try to challenge me during struggles to just let go and let God do the work. Well, it seems that I have hit another fork in the road where I can either hang onto my anxiety and worry or I can let go and let God!

About a year ago I started sitting in with Bradley Roark at Roark Kerr & Associates Christian Counseling & Coaching to work toward becoming a life coach. With much prayer, support and encouragement, it seems that my next step is to start taking clients. I was asked “what made you decide to go for it?” to which I responded with “I just had to ask myself “what am I waiting on?” It is like deciding to try to have children, you really are never ready to make the decision, so you just let go, no matter how scary it is.” I keep waking up during the night with anxiety over how I am at all good enough to help people and I keep resting on the thought that this is God's calling for me, so He must know what He is doing even when I feel like I don’t. Connecting with people, bringing hope, faith, love, and encouragement is what I was made to do and it all truly makes sense now. Looking back at everything I have ever been through, I always stood for those things. Yeah, maybe it led to a lot of being taken advantage of and a lot of broken hearts, but it also led to this place of beautiful surrender. Surrender to God for what He is doing in my life and in my heart. Surrender to when I am sitting in the counseling room with a complete stranger asking for help, that He will move through me to be exactly what they need to find their own answers. Surrender to the idea that I do not have to know everything, that He knows everything and will fill me with that knowledge. Surrender to His will for my life and for others lives that I come in contact with, that He will fill my schedule with the people that He knows I can impact and that need me and my story. 

It is truly easier said than done, but I have felt such hope and peace in knowing that this is going to be a new chapter in my story. Will it be hard? Of course it will be, after all, I will be juggling being a christian woman, wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, full-time worker and part-time student while also now being a life coach for the world. I guess you could really say I am stepping into the Wonder Woman title, but man I hope I live up to it. I am scared, I am anxious and I am ready for this step all at the same time. Why not just dive into it? God has me and He has every person planned already that will walk through that door and into my life. Is it my redemption for everything I have been through? I think so. I think it is beautiful redemption and proof that letting go and letting God is really a thing that can happen, not just be said or heard. I challenge you today to let go and let God. Whatever that means to you, just go for it and know that He has you, even when the world tries to tell you He doesn’t. You find what you are looking for, so look for Him and let Him bring you the peace and love that only He can give. 

Lastly, if you need help, don’t wait until you are in crisis to get it. Come see me and we can walk together through your struggles and celebrate your victories! 

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