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4 Reasons You Never Reach Your Goals -Bradley Roark

Published October 6th, 2017 by Unknown

1. You treat everything with equal value

    1. Somethings are simply more important than other things

    2. You need to let the things that are more important have a higher priority

    3. Resource the more important things accordingly (time, energy and money)

2. You didn't schedule  your flat tire

    1. There is no such thing as a perfect day

    2. Don't panic when things go wrong...plan for things to go wrong

    3. The problem isn't the problem, the lack of a solution is the problem

3. You didn't celebrate skipping dessert

    1. If you don't get paid, you won't do the work

    2. Acknowledge even the small victories

    3. Reward yourself for “doing it anyway”

4. Today never started

    1. Your alarm clock doesn't start your day, you have to do that yourself

    2. Every morning plan a successful day 

    3. Move from good intentions to being intentional

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