Nurturing Faith-Based Self-Care for Busy Women in Lubbock, Texas

Nurturing Faith-Based Self-Care for Busy Women in Lubbock, Texas

I am so pleased that you have chosen to invest in yourself through our Christian self-care for busy women program!

Women are caregivers. We take care of our children, our husbands, our aging parents, our hurting friends. Sadly, we only care for ourselves if there's time or if we have a nervous breakdown and have to check into a hospital! However, putting yourself on the bottom of the priorities list is a real problem. Here are some things you risk: burnout, illness, fatigue, and depression. Self-care is often ignored because it feels like a selfish thing. But it's not. In fact, putting yourself on the back burner is ultimately hurting those you care for because you are not at your best.

The best version of yourself lies within you. It only needs to be unlocked and revealed. Regular biblical self-care practices can help bring your best self forward. The Guide to Self Care in Just 22 Minutes a Day will make that possible. Complete the following form and the free Guide will be e-mailed right into your inbox. And you get a fantastic bonus! We are offering a free 30-minute faith-based self-care workshop for you just for downloading the Self Care Guide. You will receive information on how you can take advantage of this amazing gift in the Guide.

You are worth it!

Self Care For Busy Women

Self Care for Busy Women