About Us

About Us

Our History

Roark Christian Counseling is about helping others discover their best selves. We think of ourselves as an Institute for Growth. You’ve heard it said that “nothing changes if nothing changes.” RCC is passionate about helping people grow and change. We will show you how to change, why you should change, and how to make the change last. We believe that your answers lie within you, but we know those answers can be elusive. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and we are here for you in those times. Whether you are looking for emotional counseling, success coaching, mentoring, team building, or a keynote speaker, we are ready to inspire you to GROW!

Our Story

Roark Christian Counseling offers compassionate care for those desiring personal growth and more satisfying relationships, as well as those struggling with painful emotions, distorted thinking, and troubling behavior.

You may be asking what makes Roark Christian Counseling different than other Christian Counseling in Lubbock, TX. The main difference is that I want to remove barriers that may keep you from getting the quality help you deserve. The two main obstacles that keep people from the help they need are motivation and cost.

The motivation problem is compounded by the difficulty to get in to see someone, once you’ve decided to start. Six week waiting lists are a problem. I understand you need relief NOW. At RCC I have appointments available this week. That is intentional! Also, you can make an appointment on your own in just a few easy clicks.

The cost issue gets complicated with insurance, whether you have it or not. Getting quality Christian coaching shouldn’t be out of reach for anyone. That means you don’t have to feel bad for asking for help. Sometime you just need a little help.

I view coaching as a partnership between the therapist and the client. Working together, we can uncover behaviors, beliefs and thoughts that simply are NOT working and explore more effective ways to deal with life’s issues.

Our Team

Roark Christian Counseling offers  compassionate care for those desiring personal growth and more  satisfying relationships, as well as those struggling with painful  emotions, distorted thinking, and troubling behavior.

  • Bradley Roark

    I work with teams and individuals to uncover the best version of themselves. Whether we are doing intensive sessions or a more traditional approach, I will teach you how to transform your thinking, your relationships, and your life. My counseling and coaching is custom-designed for your unique needs. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Texas and a Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach with the John Maxwell Team.

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  • Sara Kerr

    It is my deepest desire to help others realize their full potential and to see life through a different lens by offering encouragement, hope, love, compassion, empathy, and faith. I desire to walk with them through their struggles and help them believe that they are not alone and that loving and being loved is always a risk worth taking. I help my clients find the kind of hope that only comes from Christ and on the deepest levels possible. It is in that hope that I know God will work through me to reach every person that I walk with on this journey.

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